How to Buy the Dips Like A Pro

Investing Target | November 9, 2021

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Market in Focus: Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX)

You know what the EASIEST way to make money trading is?

Trade WITH the larger trend. If the trend is down, sell the rallies. If the larger trend is up, buy the dips.

Simple, right? Right… the only question is, how do you know what the larger trend is?

The video you’re about to watch shows how to do just that. You’re about to learn how to identify the long-term trend and then… “buy the dips” like a pro.

You, and every trader out there, would be well-served to watch this video several times, back-to-back. (It’s only about 9 minutes long.)

The instructor, Elliott Wave International’s veteran market analyst Jeffrey Kennedy, uses the chart of Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) to bring you this hugely important lesson. You’ll see how to use the simple technical analysis tools like RSI and stochastic to spot those sure-fire buying opportunities.

In Jeff’s words,

“If a pullback in price is countertrend, then RSI will typically find support within RSI bull market support at 50–40…”

This video you’re about to watch is Step 3 in Jeffrey Kennedy’s 4-step “rock-solid” process to picking high-confidence trades. Enjoy, and happy trading!

You’ve just learned one step of Jeffrey’s 4-step “rock-solid” process.

Don’t stop now, you’re almost there!

Next, below, watch his detailed, free 20-minute video, “4 Critical Elements of High-Confidence Trading”, and you will learn how to combine indicators and oscillators with the other three steps.

And then… get out there and start crafting more rock-solid trades!

Right now, invest just 20 more minutes, 100% free — and learn the rest of Jeffrey’s secrets. Watch his detailed video, “4 Critical Elements of High-Confidence Trading.” Learn to blend indicators and oscillators with the other 3 steps — trend, Elliott wave pattern and Japanese candlesticks — and improve your trading forever.



You’ve already learned Step 3 — keep your momentum going!

Meet Your Trading Expert — Jeffrey Kennedy

Over his 25-year career as an analyst, trader and instructor, Jeffrey Kennedy has taught thousands of traders through online courses, live events — and, most recently, as an adjunct professor of technical analysis at one of the country’s top universities, Georgia Tech. He is a Senior Instructor and Chief Commodity Analyst at Elliott Wave International. S